Performance & Formulation
Dispersions & Resins

Product Videos

BASF Dispersing Agents.JPG

BASF Dispersing Agents

BASF Defomers.JPG

BASF Defoaming Agents

BASF Defoamers chinese version.JPG

BASF Defoamers (with Chinese narration)

BASF Rheology.JPG

BASF Rheology Modifiers

rheology chinese.JPG

BASF Rheology Modifiers (with Chinese narration)

wetting agent.JPG

BASF Wetting Agents and Surface Modifiers

wetting agents chinese.JPG

BASF Wetting Agents and Surface Modifiers (with Chinese narration)

light stabilizers.JPG

BASF Light Stabilizers

light stabilizers chinese.JPG

BASF Light Stabilizers (With Chinese subtitles)