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Water-based inks – The future of flexible packaging.

Climate change, population growth and rising pollution levels are putting considerable strain on our planet and resources. In response, more sustainable solutions are required from all areas of business. That’s why BASF is joining forces with pioneers from across the value chain to PRETHINK INK: Together with like-minded partners, we want to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for packaging. We are convinced that water-based inks are the future for flexible packaging.

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Sustainability sits at the heart of our innovation process at BASF. This is why we are partnering with pioneers along the value chain to continually deliver innovative solutions for today’s flexible packaging needs. Replacing solvents with water-based inks translates into reducing VOCs, improving the health and safety in production and contributing to sustainable development. Switching to water-based inks can also be more cost-effective. What’s more, it’s a relevant contribution to reducing the packaging’s carbon footprint.

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Whether you are an ink maker, printer, converter or a brand owner, water-based inks can help your company and product to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our resins for formulating water-based inks deliver the same high-performance benefits as alternative printing solutions – at a competitive cost, and with additional advantages for the planet. As part of our PRETHINK INK network, we share expertise and know-how – so that our partners as well as the entire value chain can benefit from the adoption of water-based technology.

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