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Discover the future of water-based digital inkjet printing

with BASF, ACTEGA, COMEXI and Polytex

Printing and packaging are evolving, growing more sustainable. At the forefront of that evolution is PRETHINK INK, a cross-industry network dedicated to sharing insights and experiences on the use of water-based inks on flexible packaging.  

Now, in conjunction with PRETHINK INK partners ACTEGA, COMEXI and Polytex, we at BASF were proud to bring a web seminar exploring a form of water-based printing that’s applicable to more business use cases than ever before.

At our web seminar, we discussed the advantages and practicalities of water-based inks in digital inkjet applications, and how to make water-based work. So if you want to learn more about water-based digital inkjet, this web seminar recording is for you!

Digital printing – a journey through the development of water-based digital inkjet

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