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Achieved: outstanding color strength and excellent flow characteristics!

Sascha Oestreich
Dr. Sascha Oestreich
Head of Regional Technical Marketing Formulation Additives

Dispersants for inorganic pigments in aqueous wood coating formulations can have a wide range of characteristics, such as high pigment loads, transparency, low foaming or the ability to be used with a broader range of pigments.


Now, there’s no need to choose between them. The new dispersing agent from BASF, Dispex® Ultra CX 4452, offers a rare combination of extremely low foaming and high pigment loadings at very low viscosity, which ultimately results in improved color strength.

“It wasn’t easy to achieve excellent viscosity reduction, storage stability and high transparency with aqueous, transparent iron oxide pigment preparations at pigment loads of 40% and higher,” says Dr. Sascha Oestreich, Head of Regional Technical Marketing Formulation Additives. “But we managed it after careful study of different dispersing agents, transparent iron oxide pigments and dispersions. This allowed us to identify a solution for these difficult-to-combine properties.”

Dispex® Ultra CX 4452 is a very effective dispersing agent especially for inorganic pigments, particularly transparent iron oxides and fillers. It boasts excellent pigment stabilizing characteristics, preserving flow in a broad range of pigments.

Label-free and with low VOC content, Dispex® Ultra CX 4452 is already registered in numerous countries. “I am looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers on how Dispex® Ultra CX 4452 meets their needs,” says Dr. Sascha Oestreich, adding: “If excellent defoaming is not critical, we would recommend Dispex® Ultra PX 4290 in favor of even higher transparency.”

For a full guide to the properties and benefits of Dispex® Ultra CX 4452, download our info-sheet now.