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BASF's upgraded Resins unit: faster time to market, increased efficiency, focus on sustainability 

Dear Readers,


I'm excited to have this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you I haven't yet met. I'm Bernd Meyer-Roscher, and I've been with BASF for 30 years. I began as a chemist and explored roles in research, development, marketing, and sales, working with adhesives, construction chemicals, and fiber bonding, and ultimately focusing on resins and additives. Since early 2023, I've been leading Global Marketing for our Resins Business Unit. I'm eager to join forces with you on addressing mega trends such as sustainability, e-mobility, and wind craft.


Now, over halfway into 2023, our team has been collaborating for more than seven months in our restructured Resins unit. This BASF reorganization matters, our aim being to serve customers better and faster. The new organizational set-up is designed to do just that.


We have three sales organizations, serving Asia/Pacific, EMEA, and North America, along with two global teams, Global Product Management and Global Marketing. While our Sales and Global Product Management teams continue to operate as usual, we've undergone a major change in Global Marketing. The organization is now structured around three main substrates: Metal, Paper, and Wood.


A further adjustment is the incorporation of our development team into our marketing organization as part of our global substrate teams. This allows us to avoid duplicating efforts in product development across regions, while taking local market needs into consideration. We believe this change will greatly reduce our time to market and increase our efficiency.

This edition - which highlights sustainability and product safety – provides an update on UV-curable components (TMPTA), announces two product launches and a webinar on bio-based products, and describes a new feature of to the valuable "Lab Assistant" tool. Enjoy!

Please feel free to reach out to me or my team. We are looking forward to being in contact with you.


Best regards,

Bernd Meyer-Roscher

Director Global Marketing, Resins

Bernd Meyer-Roscher
Bernd Meyer-Roscher
Head of Global Marketing, Resins