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The BASF Resins team focuses on collaboration
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Dear Readers,


At Interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf, the BASF Resins team showcased progressive packaging solutions and cooperation partnerships with customers. One particular highlight that attracted strong interest was the Joncryl® HPB product line, which enables packaging to be recycled via the regular paper waste stream. The industry is clearly embracing sustainability and collaboration with the objective of shaping a more sustainable future.


Focus on sustainability and performance enhancement

Visitors to the BASF stand were keen to explore the scope and opportunities that new products offer in terms of both sustainability and performance enhancement. In line with BASF’s theme, ‘Let’s grab tomorrow’, BASF showcased solutions developed through cooperation with three customers, Quimovil, Sustainable Packaging Products (SPP) and Silbo, enabling the partners to address current and future challenges in meeting requirements.

Simon Foster, Head of Global Marketing, Resins for Paper, commented: ‘The focus on sustainability is now truly central to the future of packaging. I’m excited by the high amount of interest and numerous collaborative discussions that took place between our team, customers and partners. Sustainability is a broad and complex topic. Collaboration will be the essential ingredient to move the industry forward.’ 


Joncryl® HPB in the spotlight 

A new product line that enables packaging to be recycled via the regular paper waste stream attracted significant attention. Joncryl® HPB water-based liquid polymer barriers are designed to make leak-proof items more sustainable.

Joncryl® binders for water-based printing inks, overprint varnishes and coatings are fully recyclable. Most of the printing ink and overprint varnishes (OPV) produced with BASF's water-based binders for food packaging are certified for compostable packaging and their barrier properties are being continuously assessed.

With Interpack 2023 now behind us, we are looking forward to continuing the conversations and developing the collaborative partnerships initiated there. Whether or not you had the chance to visit the show, you are most welcome to contact us for discussions on future collaboration. We would be delighted to support you in increasing the sustainability of your printing and packaging products and together with you help drive the industry towards a more environmentally acceptable future.


Best regards,

Jan van Delft  
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging 

Jan van Delft
Jan van Delft
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging