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Fast, flexible and efficient – the future is digital


Would you like to help your customers to be a jump ahead in digital printing? Discover BASF’s broad portfolio of high-quality raw materials for water-based, solvent-based and energy-curable digital ink formulations.

The latest advances have greatly broadened the scope of digital printing. This technology can now be used for a much wider variety of substrates, including bottles and thick or corrugated cardboard, as well as ceramic tiles and textiles. Digital printing allows high flexibility in regard to color and design, e.g. for personalized prints on T-shirts. Customized messages on labels and packaging address the end user as well as promote the contents of a package. And since production is fast and generates much less waste, your customers can ultimately save costs.

BASF offers a comprehensive range of resins and formulation additives for digital printing, including dispersing agents, wetting agents and surface modifiers, defoamers, rheology modifiers and film-forming agents for water-based, solvent-based and UV-curable ink systems.

One of our key products for digital inks is Efka® FA 4611, our solvent- and VOC-free copolymeric wetting and dispersing agent for both solvent-borne and solvent-free printing inks, including high gloss systems. It offers strong reduction of mill base viscosity, high inorganic pigment (TiO2) and filler loading, increased hiding power and improved rheology. It is highly suitable for use in UV screen and flexo as well as ink-jet systems.

Another highlight in our product range is FoamStar® SI 2240. With its long-term persistency, this fast-acting defoamer can be utilized in water-based systems, especially where high shear forces are required, i.e., in pigment concentrates. FoamStar® SI 2240 has broad food compliance and is applicable for flexo and ink-jet systems, for example.

Read more about our products and solutions in our new brochure, Solutions for Digital Printing.

Peter Bene
Peter Bene
Technical Marketing Formulation Additives