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High-quality prints with water-based inks


If you are you looking to produce clean, striking images with water-based inks for surface printing, Joncryl® FLX 5060 is the answer. With its excellent resistance and resolubility, it makes for high-quality prints on packaging film.

Thanks to ongoing technology developments, water-based inks achieve a similar performance level to that of solvent-based inks.

A good balance between resolubility and resistance is crucial for clean, sharp images over long print runs. Joncryl® FLX 5060 has been designed to achieve this. This innovative new self-crosslinking emulsion for water-based film printing inks promotes excellent dry and wet rub resistance and good heat-seal and blocking resistance.

Suitable for the medium- and heavy-duty surface print segments, Joncryl® FLX 5060 is compatible with most pigment concentrates. In compliance with the Swiss Ordinance on packaging inks, it is recommended for general surface printing on polyethylene and polypropylene as well as for applications requiring high resistance. End products include shopping bags, fertilizer and deep-freeze bags, collation shrink film, dry food packaging and bundle wraps.

Tjalle Hijlkema
Tjalle Hijlkema
Marketing Joncryl Dispersions