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Efka® PX 4703: Opening new horizons for your UV ink-formulation


Looking for a water-based dispersant that performs excellently in UV-flexo and inkjet systems? Suitable for use in the production of a wide range of colors, EFKA® PX 4703 enables viscosity to be substantially reduced in pigment concentrates and improves the rheology of the final inks.

The wide variety of different pigments available today and the demand for highly pigmented printing inks make it a challenge to find one dispersant that fits all. However, you can achieve low viscosity pigment concentrates for a very broad range of Color Indices with our new, high-performance, solvent-free Efka® PX 4703. It extends our range of dispersants for UV systems, which includes Efka® PX 4701 and Efka® PX 4733 for organic pigments and Efka® FA 4611 for inorganic pigments and fillers.

EFKA® PX 4703 achieves strong mill-base viscosity reduction and thus improves rheology in pigment concentrates and inks. High pigment loading allows to print with lower film thickness whilst maintaining color strength. Efka® PX 4703 is compatible with a broad range of resins and pigments, including high-gloss systems. It can be used in high and 100% solids formulations for UV and solvent-based inkjet systems as well as UV-flexo, UV-screen and offset inks. 

Peter Bene
Peter Bene
Technical Marketing Formulation Additives