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Top performance with new primer for lidding

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A product that facilitates UV printing on aluminium lidding as well as improving cost efficiency in processing? We would like to introduce Joncryl®1689 to you. Our new water-based and formaldehyde-free primer provides the required balance between resistance and ink-receptive properties ‒ and helps to save energy during manufacture.

Especially designed for aluminium lidding, Joncryl® 1689 is receptive to all typically used printing inks, including high gloss systems, and can also be used for post-print lacquering. With its high resistance to heat sealing, water and hydrogen peroxide, this single-component (1K), self-crosslinking print primer promotes good adhesion of both nitrocellulose (NC) and UV inks to aluminium.

Besides its superior application properties, Joncryl® 1689 shows improved efficiency over existing products during production. It can be cured at low temperatures, thereby accelerating line speeds, which in turn reduces energy consumption. Thanks to their lower VOC generation, water-based products make for a safer and healthier processing environment than those containing solvents.

With its broad adhesion profile, Joncryl® 1689, in addition to dairy lidding, is suitable for applications such as pharmaceutical blisters and chocolate aluminium packaging.

Carl Nunney
Carl Nunney
Head of Industry Management Printing & Packaging Europe