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Fast, flexible and sustainable – advances in LED curing


Are you looking for reactive UV resins for LED curing that combine environmental compatibility with high performance? Check out our new Laromer® PO 9137 and Laromer® PO 9139!

The numerous benefits of LED over other curing systems include faster processing, reduced energy consumption, longer product life, more compact equipment, increased uptime thanks to longer lamp life, lower maintenance and start/restart time ‒ and safer working environments due to less ozone formation.

In response to the growing demand for greater sustainability together with top-quality results and improved productivity, we have developed two highly reactive UV resins. Laromer® PO 9137 and Laromer® PO 9139 offer excellent UV curing performance under both LED conditions and mercury lamps. They achieve good film-forming properties on their own and in combination with other UV resins. Suitable for use with all common photoinitiators, they significantly accelerate curing of overprint varnishes with high-power UV LED lamps. End uses include narrow-web label and pouch printing and overprint varnishes for items such as folding cartons. 

Laromer® PO 9137 provides a low-viscosity solution where high reactivity is required, potentially increasing curing speed of flexo inks and varnishes by up to 30%. Laromer® PO 9139 is ideally suited for use as a reactivity booster in high-viscosity, low-migration UV inks and overprint varnishes for sensitive applications such as food packaging. It increases curing speed by 10% to 15% in flexo ink letdown and, like Laromer® PO 9137, maintains good solvent resistance.

Daniel Kunz
Dr. Daniel Kunz
Commercial Marketing EMEA - Resins & Additives for Radiation Curing