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It’s a first! Discover our water-based resin for EB curing


You can achieve even higher sustainability and the same excellent performance as solvent-based products with Joncryl® FLX EB 5500, our first resin for water-based electron beam (EB) curing. 

The numerous benefits of EB water-based printing include reduction of ink and solvent consumption, no costs for solvent abatement and explosion-safe systems, less time required for reporting environmental effects, compliance with various environmental regulations – and with all this improved health and safety conditions for workers.

Advances in water-based inks for surface printing now enable the same performance level to be achieved with water-based as with solvent-based inks. Our new water-based EB technology is designed to help you produce top-quality surface prints on flexible film in an environmentally more acceptable manner. 

Joncryl® FLX EB 5500 is distinguished by excellent resistance properties, resolubility and printability. We recommend this novel resin for surface printing of polyethylene and polypropylene. It is compatible with different pigment concentrates and especially suitable for end products that require high resistance. 

Applications include shopping, fertilizer and freezer bags, collation films, dry food packaging, bundle wraps and retort pouches. Thanks to its outstanding properties, Joncryl® FLX EB 5500 also extends potential for printing flexible packaging for heavy duty applications.

Inks based on Joncryl® FLX EB 5500 can be formulated with regular water-based pigment grinds in the same way as standard water-based inks. The EB curing unit required for processing is easy to handle and clean. Very high resistance levels are obtained after in- or offline EB curing. Films produced with Joncryl® FLX EB 5500 can be stored on the reel offline and EB-cured at any time.

Tjalle Hijlkema
Tjalle Hijlkema
Marketing Joncryl Dispersions