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Sustainability is our biggest opportunity – let`s move forward together

Dear Readers,


we hope the new year has started well for you.

For many of us, the biggest challenge for this year and further ahead is sustainability: finding new ways to future-proof our businesses, protect the environment and preserve resources. And many of you will ask yourselves the question: How can we transform our business while maintaining our competitive strength?

See, what our CEO, Dr. Martin Brudermüller said.


Dr. Frank Hezel, Global Business Mgmt. Resins

Climate neutrality is becoming a product feature that differentiates, but also costs more. It all starts with transparency about ingredients. And transparency is the key to creating a market for low-carbon products as well. That gives you and us together the opportunity to be first-movers. Thus an opportunity for profitable growth to all of us.

Dr. Martin Brudermüller


Sylvain's portrait_16.jpg

Sylvain Huguenard, Global Business Mgmt. Additives 

Regarding this chance, we have been thinking of more ways to support you and share our insights to accelerate your sustainability efforts together with ours.

We are pleased to announce a web seminar on a topic that is both a challenge and an opportunity for the paint and coatings industry: The European Green Deal.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Best regards,

Dr. Frank Hezel, Global Business Mgmt. Resins

Sylvain Huguenard, Global Business Mgmt. Additives