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Opening barriers to recycling, boosting the “bio” in binders

Dear Readers,


It is thanks to our customers that we gain a better understanding of the market and can therefore serve it better. Working closely with our global marketing and development colleagues, we provide the solutions our customers need. Whether a project is short- or long-term, our aim is to convert their ideas and requests into new products and solutions.

In line with today’s market emphasis on improving the sustainability of packaging, our team is focusing strongly on the development of products with a bio-renewable content as well as on technologies for paper packaging that enable, for example, the creation of moisture and grease barriers.

Our pipeline is full! There will be 10 new launches this year – four Joncryl® HPB barrier products, four Joncryl® BRC bio-based binders for ink and overprint varnishes, and two Joncryl® DPS water-based resins for digital printing.

You can discover more about Joncryl® HPB and Joncryl® BRC in this newsletter.

Besides creating novel products for new applications, we continue to further develop our well-established ranges in accordance with market demand. Our objective is to provide a balance between the two.

Finally, I would like to introduce myself to our readers. With my polymer chemistry background, I have worked for 14 years in commercial marketing for Printing & Packaging in Heerenveen. Since 4 years I am leading the development and technical marketing laboratory as Product Development Manager Printing & Packaging. With my experience in marketing, I ensure customer and market focus and I know that speed to market is key as well as compliance, efficiency and sustainability.
If you would like additional information on any of our developments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to assist you.


Best regards,

Tanja Kuiphuis
Product Development Manager, Printing & Packaging EMEA

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Tanja Kuiphuis,
Product Development Manager, Printing & Packaging EMEA