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Bio-based binders ‒ a step toward more sustainable packaging

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Jan van Delft 

Commercial Marketing Printing and Packaging

Looking to enhance the environmental acceptability of your inks and varnishes? Joncryl® BRC, our new range of water-based binders, gives you the opportunity to formulate inks and varnishes based partly on renewable raw materials. 

Numerous brand owners have announced ambitious goals in their drive to lessen the impact of packaging on the environment. Joncryl® BRC water-based binders cut down the amount of fossil resources used in inks and varnishes. The new products contain at least 50% (on solids) Bio-Renewable Content.

BASF sources these materials in a sustainable and socially responsible manner and verifies the bio-based content of the binders by Carbon-14 analysis. ISO-based life cycle assessments have shown that Joncryl® BRC binders reduce carbon footprint by a factor of two: in other words, they have a much lower environmental impact than products fully based on fossil resources.

All Joncryl® BRC products have broad direct food contact approvals and comply with regulations such as the Swiss Ordinance.

With their excellent printability and re-solubility, Joncryl® BRC binders are suitable for inks and overprint varnishes. They are all fully compatible with each other, as well as with Joncryl® 662 ‒ a BRC containing colloidal emulsion ‒ and with standard water-based binders, pigment concentrates and additives.



Joncryl® BRC 6824   Soft, film-forming emulsion

Joncryl® BRC 6890   Hard, film-forming emulsion

Joncryl® BRC 6896   High-performance pigment grind resin