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Rising to the recycling challenge: new barrier technology for food and drink packaging

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Find out how you can replace place plastic materials in packaging! Joncryl® HPB is a new water-based liquid polymer barrier designed to make leak-proof items more sustainable. 

The food packaging market today is placing strong emphasis on end-of-life and the reduction of environmental impact. Food- and drink-containing items, such as take-away coffee cups, are often made of paper and coated with a polymer film to make them leak-proof. Recycling is problematical because the two materials, which are bonded together, have to be separated and the polyethylene film discarded.

Joncryl® HPB polymers for porous paper, corrugated cardboard boxes and sheets help to make paper fully repulpable, enabling it to be recycled with minimal waste. And that’s not all: they will help you move away from unsustainable products such as fluorocarbons and waxes. Paper coated with Joncryl® HPB reduces and can even sometimes replace plastics in confectionery, service food and dry food packaging.

With their excellent barrier properties, Joncryl® HPB polymers are recommended for low COBB, grease and moisture vapor barrier applications. 


Grease and oil barrier

Joncryl® HPB 4011 Joncryl® HPB 1631 Joncryl® 1632 
Joncryl® HPB 4010-E Joncryl® HPB 1633 Joncryl® HPB 1700
  Joncryl® HPB 1634 Joncryl® HPB 1701
  Joncryl® HPB 1635  

* COBB value = the mass of water absorbed in a specific time by 1 square meter (10.76 square feet) of paper, board, or corrugated fiberboard under 1 cm of water.

** MVTR = moisture vapor transition rate