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Making work environments safer and more sustainable 

Dear Readers,


“Safety First” is at the heart of the BASF. We are committed to bringing safer products to our customers and end consumers and we support any activities that promote safety in use. In this, BASF is a front runner and a jump ahead of the legislation. We now offer nearly all the products in our Basonat® range with a significantly reduced monomer residue content ‒ this will only become mandatory in 2023. BASF has worked on training materials in several European organizations, which our customers can access through the associations.

Read on to find out more about the implications of this new legislation for you and your customers, and to discover how BASF can support you in contributing to a “sustainable future”.


Best regards,

Christophe Hemmer 
Head of Business Management Automotive & Industrial Coatings EMEA

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Christophe Hemmer, Head of Business Management Automotive & Industrial Coatings EMEA