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Try our additives for sustainable inks and coatings!

Peter Bene
Peter Bene
Technical Marketing Formulation Additives

Would you like to know more about the ingredients for food contact applications? Or are you looking for products based on renewables? Our new additives are designed to help you achieve more sustainable packaging.

Sustainability is an integral part of our innovation process in all the sectors we serve. Two important aspects of sustainability in packaging are compliance with food regulations and the use of materials based on renewables.

BASF’s sustainable portfolio includes additives that comply with the relevant food contact regulations and/or are based on renewable raw materials, allowing greater freedom in the formulation of inks and coatings. We offer a wide range of dispersing agents, wetting agents & surface modifiers, defoamers, rheology modifiers and film forming agents, as well as antioxidants, light stabilizers and in-can stabilizers.

Our range of products (partly) based on renewable raw materials comprises:

  • Foamaster® NO 2331 – a natural oil-based defoamer with excellent defoaming efficiency that has been specifically designed to achieve the broadest food contact compliance.
  • Dispex® Ultra FA 4437 / FA 4488 – all-purpose dispersing agents, partly based on renewables, for aqueous applications and especially suitable for organic pigment concentrates (resin-based or resin-free).
  • Dispex® Ultra FA 4483 – a dispersing agent partly based on renewables and especially suitable for resin-free organic- pigment concentrates.
  • Hydropalat® WE 3120 or WE 3130 – low-foaming wetting agents for aqueous formulations, partly based on renewables and offering excellent reduction of dynamic surface tension.
  • Hydropalat® WE 3486 – a modified dioctyl sulfosuccinate wetting agent, partly based on renewables, for high-gloss overprint varnishes.

For more information on food contact compliance, please check out our food contact brochure in the downloads at the right-hand side or contact us directly for further, detailed food contact statements on the respective products.

For more information on renewable-based products, please see the downloads at the right-hand side, our website or contact us directly.