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Cool packaging for chocolate and cheese!

Carl Nunney
Carl Nunney
Head of Industry Management Printing & Packaging Europe

Looking for a low-temperature activated binder for heat-seal applications? Joncryl® HSL 9055 lends itself especially to aluminum packaging for dairy products and confectionary.

The advantages of low-temperature heat sealing include not only avoidance of damage to temperature-sensitive foods, but also savings on energy costs, faster processing, and no distortion of the packaging substrate.

New, water-based Joncryl® HSL 9055 has been especially designed for sealing aluminum against aluminum. Its low-temperature-activated heat-sealing properties make it ideal for processed-cheese and chocolate packaging. It offers good blocking resistance and adhesion to aluminum. A further benefit is its high resistance to corrosion on hard and soft, low-gauge aluminum substrates. Joncryl® HSL 9055 has been approved for food-contact applications.