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Together, let’s grab tomorrow today ‒ join us on our journey!

Dear Readers,


Interpack is just around the corner! Circularity is our prime focus and we will be proudly showcasing solutions for achieving greater sustainability in packaging throughout the product life cycle ‒ from “before store” through “in store” to “after store”. We would very much look forward to meeting you in person and invite you to grab the chance to speak face-to-face with our experts.

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Before store: lower your carbon footprint 

Our products are designed to reduce waste and emissions. You can increase the content of renewable raw materials in inks and coatings to between 50 and 64% with our Joncryl® BRC range. Another option is Joncryl® MB, a series of products that make use of renewable feedstock for the production of our raw materials ‒ in fact, BASF’s biomass balance approach can take you all the way down to a net zero product carbon footprint! Our ChemcyclingTM approach enables us to feed recycled plastic waste into our production, contributing further to carbon footprint reduction. What’s more, you don’t have to compromise on performance ‒ with our (bio)mass balance approach, you can achieve identical results to those obtained with traditional products.

In store: food-safe packaging that prolongs shelf life

For your direct food contact applications, Joncryl® HPB barrier coatings will provide wider scope in the creation of more sustainable, paper-based packaging. Helping to create effective barriers against grease, mineral oil, water (vapor) and oxygen, these high-performance, water-based polymers are effective alternatives to waxes and fluorocarbons. Our broad range of Joncryl® HSL binders is designed for heat-seal lacquers with low heat activation temperatures. They help you achieve faultless closure of paper and flexible packaging that will keep produce fresh and reduce food waste.

After store: recycling and end-of-life solutions

Enabling recyclability is a prime focus for us and we have achieved some notable successes: Packaging produced using Joncryl® HPB, our liquid, printable barrier coatings, can be added to the regular paper waste stream; Joncryl® binders for water-based printing inks, overprint varnishes and coatings are fully recyclable. On top of that, most of the printing ink and overprint varnishes (OPV) produced with our water-based binders for food packaging are certified for compostable packaging and evaluations for barrier coatings are ongoing. 

Together, let’s grab tomorrow today!

We hope to see you at Interpack (Düsseldorf, May 4-10), where we would be delighted to welcome you to our stand, B43 in Hall 1, and take you on our round trip. You can set up your personal meeting here!

In the meantime, if you are looking for product information or require samples and/or technical expertise, our Lab Assistant has been designed to help you find what you need. Check out the info box below for further information. 

All the best from me and our whole printing & packaging team.


Jan van Delft
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging

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