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January 5, 2021
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BASF introduces portfolio for protective wood grain enhancement

BASF introduces portfolio for protective wood grain enhancement

  • New Joncryl® 953X portfolio with five acrylic dispersions for furniture & floor coatings
  • Grain enhancement and high protection for water-based 1K systems
  • Sustainable solutions for low to zero VOC levels

Natural materials like wood enjoy growing popularity in the furnishing sector – a trend, that is reflected by furniture and floorings showing clearly visible, contrasting wood grains. Traditionally, this effect is supported by solvent-based wood coatings, which are very effective in terms of performance. EU legislation and changing consumer expectations have led the value chain to look for more sustainable alternatives. BASF has developed the new Joncryl 953X portfolio for water-based 1K systems to protect and highlight the beauty of wood while meeting sustainability needs.

The Joncryl® 953X portfolio includes five straight acrylic dispersions. All of them are multi-purpose and fine-particle sized. The products fulfill key performance characteristics for wood coatings such as excellent resistance to chemicals, scratch resistance, hardness and blocking resistance as well as high wet transparency and in-can clarity. Additionally, customers can choose products with low to zero co-solvent demand.

“The interest in industrial wood coatings with improved appearance is gaining momentum and was great from the beginning. Look and feel are increasingly important as buying factors for wooden surfaces,” says Dr. Nick Gruber, Head of Industry Management Resins for Furniture & Flooring at BASF. “We are pleased that we can offer our customers a product range, that combines excellent grain enhancement with performance and sustainability. The new range comprises different products, all of them designed to have their particular strengths so that they can meet different customer needs, allowing customers to select the most appropriate product. This is a great addition to our portfolio.”

The flexible Joncryl® 953X portfolio:

  • Joncryl® 9530: Excellent grain enhancement and chemical resistance
  • Joncryl® 9531: Optimal balance between blocking and chemical resistance
  • Joncryl® 9532: Excellent blocking, chemical and scratch resistance
  • Joncryl® 9533: Excellent early blocking resistance and 0% co-solvent demand
  • Joncryl® 9534: Great blend partner for enhancing blocking resistance and hardness                                          

More product information can be found in the Resin-Additive-Search.

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The Joncryl® 953X portfolio enables excellent resistance to chemicals, scratch resistance, hardness and blocking resistance.