Dispersions & Resins

Innovation and Sustainability

BASF is dedicated to create sustainable solutions. Our goal is to design products that help the printing industry to comply with current and future legislation while maintaining a high level of performance. In close partnership with our customers we identify products that help achieve specific sustainability goals, strengthen differentiation and enable regulatory compliance.

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Lighten your carbon footprint! 

Eco Efficiency Analysis for water-based systems

BASF has developed several alternative water-based technologies to meet the quality and performance demands of the printing and converting industry

  • Joncryl® FLX water-based resins for film printing applications
  • Joncryl® HSL water-based resins for heat-seal lacquers

Within formulation additives we have developed dispersants which allow a faster grinding process and give a higher color strength.

We constantly strengthen our portfolio with regards to food contact regulations.

At BASF we have developed a series of materials for inks and coatings for which fossil feedstock is replaced by renewable raw materials

For our Joncryl® MB Biomass Balance resins and emulsions, we feed biogas or bio-naphtha derived from biomass into our production – together with fossil resources – already at the beginning of the production process. Via a certified process, we make sure that the fossil feedstock usually required for production is fully replaced by renewable feedstock and then attributed to the respective product. Each product is certified by a third party confirming that the necessary amount of sustainable renewables was fed into our production.

The resulting Joncryl® MB resins provide exactly the same product quality and performance as conventional products – without any need to change formulations for water-based inks and coatings, printing and/or converting processes.