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Resins for Furniture & Flooring, Automotive & Industrial and Printing & Packaging applications – explore our sustainability toolbox.

The key to sustainability is knowing where to start—with our customers. By listening to the motivations, goals and drivers of our customers, we are helping them transform sustainability into concrete solutions and products that are in step with global trends and changing consumer behaviors. From eco-friendly packaging, furniture and flooring to automotive paints, we are your trusted partner for sustainable resins solutions that achieve low CO2 emissions, reduce plastic waste and increase renewables. 

Change needs game changers –
What is your game plan?


We offer you many possibilities to combine sustainability and performance and to shape the future sustainably. Whether saving CO2 or producing with bio-based resources, let's talk to see which solutions best support you and your goals.

Teaser image BASF video series “Resins Stories Unplugged” Edition 3 – CO2 reduction of furniture applications