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BASF resins and additives increase the effectiveness and performance properties of solvent- and water-based as well as energy-curable inks. We offer raw materials suitable for use in different ink systems for flexographic and gravure to offset and screen printing. Combined with industry experience and technical knowledge, we enable you to formulate the desired performance properties into your inks.

Often, product packaging attracts consumers, strengthens branding and enables differentiation. BASF offers a wide range of resins and additives to enhance the structural quality and color of all types of flexible and rigid packaging.

We understand the performance challenges you face with your customers, such as product quality and consistency, resistance and resolubility, grinding efficiency and color strength, low VOC and food-contact compliance. That is why we develop innovative solutions that address a multitude of these performance attributes.

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Adapting to your application

  • Flexible packaging:
    BASF offers a full range of water-based and energy-curable solutions, suitable for both surface and reverse printing on different film substrates (Joncryl® FLX product line).

  • Paper & Paperboard:
    BASF offers products for flexographic, gravure and digital applications with ink formulations adapted to your needs for resistance properties, gloss enhancement, paper curl reduction, printability and resolubility.

  • Corrugated Board: 
    The Joncryl® range enables efficient printing on corrugated board, reducing the amount of binder and thus cost in use.
  • Pigment dispersions:
    Our comprehensive range of dispersants and resins enables you to prepare dispersions for printing inks with high color strength, compatibility and stability in an efficient grinding process. Our highly efficient grinding solutions from the Joncryl® HPD range promote outstanding colour development, gloss and transparency in printing inks for corrugated, paper board and film.
  • BASF offers additionally a broad portfolio of formulation additives for water-, solvent-based and UV ink systems.

Our water-based Joncryl® Solutions


Joncryl® BRC product line

Joncryl® BRC, our new range of water-based binders, gives the opportunity to formulate inks and varnishes based partly on bio-based / renewable raw materials.

The new product line contains at least 50% (on solids) Bio Renewable Content. Joncryl® BRC reduce the amount of fossil resources for a more sustainable packaging future.


Perfect fit for Ink & OPV for paper-based substrates with excellent printability properties

  • Water-based Bio-hybrid binders
  • 14C analysis verifies the bio-based content
  • Lower environmental impact due to the lower Product Carbon Footprint compared to products fully based on fossil resources (ISO-based Life Cycle Assessments).
  • Broad (direct) food contact approvals and complying with regulations like Swiss Ordinance, glycol ether free

Joncryl® BRC: High-quality printing with bio-based materials

Supporting the next step in formulating toward a more sustainable packaging future


  • Good press performance
  • 14C analysis verifies the bio-based content
  • Excellent transfer and color strength
  • Good compatibility in combination with other BRC
  • And standard products as well as pigment concentrates


  • High content of renewable material
    (min. 50% on solids)
  • Water-based technology
  • Fossil resource savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
Products* Key properties Application

Joncryl® BRC 6890

High Tg, non-film
forming emulsion
for Ink and OPV

developed for use in water based inks and overprint varnishes, provides high gloss
to overprint varnish applications

Joncryl® BRC 6824

Low Tg, film forming emulsion for Ink and OPV

developed for use in water-based flexographic and gravure inks on paper

Joncryl® BRC 6896

Pigment Grind
resin solution

high performance dispersion resin solution for high concentrated pigment dispersion to be used in water-based inks

Joncryl® 662

BRC containing
colloidal emulsion

developed for use in inks for pre- and
post-print corrugated board and kraft
paper applications

* Specific food contact statements are available on request


Joncryl® FLX product line

Resins for water-based printing inks on flexible packaging 

The Joncryl® FLX range is the market reference in water-based chemistry for printing inks for film & foil. Our water-based resins provide excellent resistance or lamination bond strength. In combination with high resolubility, they provide a similar performance as solvent-based alternatives to flexible packaging printers and converters.

The Joncryl® FLX line is offering the ink formulator an opportunity to formulate water-based printing inks that fulfil many demands of the market for film & foil. The different products all have their own benefits and together they cover a broad range of properties needed to print film for flexible packaging.


Suitable for low to heavy duty surface and reverse print & lamination applications

  • No Versatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • No costs for solvent incineration
  • No need for explosion proof production equipment
  • Reduction of ink consumption due to higher pigment concentration
  • Less time spent on reporting environmental effects to comply with permits
  • Compliant with the Solvent Emission Directive, the ATEX Directive and the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (IPPC)

Joncryl® FLX: Aiming for the future with water-based technology for flexible packaging inks


  • Excellent resolubility and resistance properties
  • Excellent adhesion on non-absorbing substrates
  • High lamination bond strength in different film structures
  • Good compatibility with different pigment concentrates



  • Water-based technology
  • Swiss list compliance
  • Reduced emissions throughout the life cycle
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved worker’s health and safety
  • Free from VOC 

Surface print

Products* Key properties Application

Joncryl® FLX 5000*

Good resolubility
and resistance

Low and medium duty surface printing (LDPE and OPP substrates) e.g. shopping bags and bread bags

Joncryl® FLX 5010

Excellent resistance and good heat-seal resistance

High resistance surface print applications e.g. heavy duty, bread and deep-freeze bags

Joncryl® FLX 5060

Excellent resolubility and high end resistance

Medium and heavy duty surface printing (PE, PP) e.g. shopping bags, fertilizer and deep-freeze bags, collation shrink film, dry food packaging, bundle wraps

Joncryl® FLX EB 5500

Excellent press handling and resistance properties

Medium and heavy duty surface printing e.g. outdoor sacks. With this electron beam curable binder inks can be formulated as a standard water-based ink

* also available as Bio-Mass Balanced version

Reverse print & lamination

Products* Key properties Application

Joncryl® FLX 5201

Excellent lamination bond strength

Low and medium duty lamination printing e.g. crisp and candy bags. Suitable for OPP, PET and nylon lamination

Joncryl® FLX 5220

Superior resolubility, printability and excellent lamination bond strength

Medium duty and high end lamination printing e.g. snack food, confectionary, baked goods.
Suitable for OPP, PET and nylon lamination

* also available as Bio-Mass Balanced version