Dispersions & Resins

Rheovis® UR 1120

Rheovis® UR 1120 is recommended to be used in a wide range of aqueous formulations especially recommended as anti-settling agent. It is a free-flowing liquid and can be incorporated at any point in the formulation. It shows an outstanding thixotropic rheology profile in order to improve the leveling and sag balance of formulations.

Performance Highlights

  • Highly effective rheology-control additive for use in a wide range of formulations
  • Highly thixotropic rheology profile, for excellent balance of leveling and sag resistance
  • Minimized influence on gloss and haze
  • Good anti-settling and syneresis stability

Sustainability Highlights

  • APEO-free and tin-free
  • Heavy metal-free (e.g. organic tin compounds)
  • NMP-free