Dispersions & Resins

Rheovis® HS 1303 EB

Rheovis® HS 1303 EB is a highly efficient, hydrophobically modified alkali swellable emulsion (HASE) rheology modifier with pronounced high-shear behavior for many aqueous paint and coating systems. It is especially suited for DIY wood paints but also for interior paints, exterior paints and other brush- and roller applications. Rheovis® HS 1303 EB is APEO-free and recommended for matt, satin, and semigloss finishes.

Rheovis® HS 1303 EB provides an excellent balance between KU and ICI viscosity and contributes to improved leveling and hiding power of the coatings

Performance Highlights

  • Highly efficient and compatible HASE thickener
  • Excellent anti-settling properties / reduction of syneresis
  • Improved film build and hiding properties with roller and brush applications
  • Excellent spatter and sag resistance
  • No APEO used, no formaldehyde, near zero VOC