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How can you meet the demand for more sustainable packaging?

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Here’s a start: we at BASF have developed a series of materials for inks and coatings for which fossil feedstock is replaced by renewable raw materials.

For our new Joncryl® MB Biomass Balance resins, we feed biogas or bio-naphtha derived from biomass into our production – together with fossil resources – already at the beginning of the production process. Via a certified process, we make sure that the fossil feedstock usually required for production is fully replaced by renewable feedstock and then attributed to the respective product. Each product is certified by a third party confirming that the necessary amount of sustainable renewables was fed into our production.

The resulting Joncryl® MB resins provide exactly the same product quality and performance as conventional products – without any need to change formulations for water-based inks and coatings, printing and/or converting processes. 

Our growing biomass balance portfolio now also includes the following products:  

  • Joncryl® MB 90, a styrene-acrylic emulsion for use in water-based overprint varnishes and inks, promotes high gloss, helps inks to dry fast and provides coatings with heat seal resistance.
  • Joncryl® MB 669, an acrylic colloidal emulsion for use in inks for pre-print and post-print corrugated board and kraft paper applications, provides good transfer and printability at low polymer solids.
  • Joncryl® MB FLX 5000, a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion that provides water-based inks with excellent resolubility, designed for surface printing on film. 
Jan van Delft
Jan van Delft
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging