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Water-based solutions: Higher print performance and greater sustainability across the board!

Jan van Delft
Jan van Delft
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging

How can you combine top print quality with cost-effective pigment formulation ‒ and also reduce environmental impact ‒ in the highly competitive corrugated board market?

We have expanded our successful range of water-based Joncryl® resins. Here are some of the solutions we offer.

Acrylic colloidal emulsions Joncryl® 668 and Joncryl® 659 give inks exceptional transfer properties, printability and hot mar resistance in preprint applications. Both products are also highly suitable for post-print. Powerful dilution properties minimize the final solids content in water-based inks, making them very economical.

New Joncryl® 656 is another acrylic colloidal emulsion of choice for post-print corrugated inks. Its flat dilution profile gives both ink producer and printer broad “dilution flexibility”.

You can achieve especially good press performance and color strength, resulting in high-performance inks for both paper and corrugated board applications, by combining one of our winning colloidal emulsions with a grinding resin such as Joncryl® HPD 396 or Joncryl® HPD 496. They promote outstanding color development, gloss and transparency on corrugated and paper board.

Would you like to make use of these properties in ink systems that help to make packaging more sustainable? Our Joncryl® MB product line is based on biomass- balanced and certified renewable feedstock, replacing 100% of the fossil resources. You can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% or more. Without affecting quality in any way!