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Our lastest topics for Performance and Formulation Additives: Label-free light-stablizers, digitalization and sustainable solvent-based coatings.

Dear Readers,

Time flies! It feels like the year has just begun, but our first set of web seminars in 2021 has already concluded. Now, we’re pleased to announce the next series.

You have three sessions to look forward to, starting this month:

  • Looking for label-free alternatives to Tinuvin® 292 and Tinuvin® 770? Join our first webinar at the end of February.
  • Interested in how digitalization works for printing and packaging applications? That’s the subject of our session in early March.
  • Want to drive sustainability in solvent-based industrial and wood coatings? Our web seminar in mid-March is for you.


A host of new dates and topics  to explore smart solutions for WB & UV systems

Dear Readers,

We invite you to join our 2nd web seminar series 2021 for Resins for Furniture & Flooring.

Register now for the web seminars on the following topics:

  • Waterbased 1K offerings for furniture coatings to offer high resistance to chemicals, wear and scratch for flat stock and furniture backings as well as medium and high-quality furniture.
  • Outstanding scratch and chemical resistance for high-qualitative applications in the wood and industrial segments – the UV-curable resin Laromer® UA 9162.
  • Aesthetic effects and high performance for premium furniture – the Laromer® UVEB portfolio.
  • Vitalize the beauty of wood. The highly protective Joncryl® 953X portfolio for furniture & flooring coatings.
  • Deep matt coatings or how to combine deep gloss with high scratch and chemical resistances with our Excimer technology.


Be well-prepared in the new year with smart solutions for WB & UV systems and our sustainability toolbox

Dear Readers,

We are happy to invite you to our 1st web seminar series 2021 for Resins for Furniture & Flooring.

Register now for the following topics:

  • Waterbased 1K offerings for furniture coatings to offer high resistance to chemicals, wear and scratch for flatstock and furniture backings as well as medium and high quality furniture.
  • Excellent wood treatment with UV systems to meet the latest requirements of large furniture manufacturers such as IKEA when it comes to the quality of coated materials (e.g. IOSMAT 0066) and the use of renewable or recyclable resources (e.g. IKEA renewable guideline).
  • Sustainability toolbox for furniture & flooring to save fossil resources with up to 100% of renewables and reducing your CO2 footprint – without compromising on product performance.


Happy new year

New web seminars: Performance and Formulation Additives for wood coatings, surface slip and corrosion resistance

Dear Readers,

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year and all the best for 2021.
What better way to start the New Year than to attend our first series of web seminars on performance and formulation additives?
In the first two web seminars end of January, we will show you how you can enhance the beauty and durability of wood coatings.
In the third, we focus on Formulation Additives improving surface slip and the fourth concentrates on optimizing corrosion resistance for water-based DTM-Coatings.
Thank you for your interest in our products, web seminars and for your helpful feedback in 2020. We look forward to your participation and the interaction with you in 2021.

We are happy to welcome you to the web seminars!


Web Seminars Resins for Furniture & Flooring - 2nd Series 2020/21

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to invite you to our second web seminar series 2020/21 for Resins for Furniture & Flooring.

The topics we have chosen include:

    Outstanding scratch and chemical resistance for high qualitative applications in the wood and industrial segment – the UV-curable resin Laromer® UA 9162

    Aesthetic effects and high performance for premium furniture – the Laromer® UVEB portfolio

    Highly-protective grain enhancement for water-based 1K systems – our new Joncryl® 953X portfolio for furniture & floor coatings

We are happy to welcome you to the web seminars!


Web Seminars on Resins for Furniture & Flooring, 1st Series 2020/21

Dear Readers,

We may not be able to meet in person, but we are still committed to collaborating and sharing insights. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to a new series of web seminars, taking place later this month and continuing into early 2021.

Our first two webinars will cover two topics that are very much on trend:

  • Treating wood with UV systems to make furniture coatings more durable and sustainable
  • Solutions to boost sustainability without compromising on performance

You can sign up now to attend. We look forward to seeing you online and to sharing our knowledge and insight with you.


Dedicated to supporting our customers, and striving to find new ways to collaborate with every one of you

Dear Readers,

Throughout 2020, the health of our teams, customers and partners has been the most important thing to us – and this is especially true as we see COVID-19 transmission rate rise again. At BASF, our message is simple: We are always there for you and we are always open to communication. Find out about our Joncryl® 953X portfolio designed for a luxurious home office; our broad portfolio for corrosion protection with benefits for every field of application; and Efka® PB 2770, a silicone-free defoamer for radiation curing systems.



Web Seminars for Performance and Formulation Additives, 5th Series 2020

The topics we have chosen to complete this year’s program are:

  • UV stabilization of UV-curable systems,
  • Efka® PB 2744 - an excellent defoamer for fast and effective deaeration of 100% solid systems, in combination with our Sovermol® range - performance-driven polyols based on natural oil,
  • additives for reactive systems
  • and how additives help bring about a sustainable future.

We are already working on the first set of sessions for 2021. So stay tuned – there is more to come!


Web Seminars for Performance and Formulation Additives, 4th Series 2020

Topics covered this time include our dispersion toolbox, which enables label-free universal pigment concentrates, and Rheovis PU 1340, our highly efficient Newtonian PU thickener for flat to high-gloss coatings in the areas of architectural coatings. In addition, we deal with light stabilizers due to several requests. We present Tinuvin 5866 – the optimal solution for a wide range of applications, typically sealants that heat up in the sun – and Tinuvin 533-DW for joinery, wood and other industrial coatings that require UV-A and UV-B protection.



Let`s turn challenges into opportunities by intensifying the technical dialogue

Dear Readers,

The additives business is by nature one that thrives through customer intimacy. Our prime objective across all the industries we serve is to help turn the specific challenges that each customer faces into opportunities.


Expect passion for coatings to match your needs

Dear Readers,

Looking at our latest developments, we are happy to offer you the flexibility of a dispersing agent that is suitable for a broad application range and achieves top results with both inorganic and organic pigments. Furthermore, we have recently launched Joncryl® 9530, a new straight acrylic dispersion which brings out the beauty of wood surfaces. You can read more about these and other products in this newsletter. 



Keeping white bright

White coated furniture is increasingly popular, especially in living and kitchen areas. However, in everyday life small mishaps can happen quickly: a spilled coffee or a carelessly thrown key can leave irreversible traces on bright surfaces. With Joncryl® 9500 and 9502 and Laromer® UA 9135 Aqua, we provide you with the right solution.

Let metal love humidity

Acronal® PRO acrylic-modified emulsions are one step closer to the replacement of solvent-based systems. Our APEO and zinc-free acrylic dispersion Acronal® PRO 770 for improved metal protection helps you to save formulation cost.


Breaking new ground in coating surface modification

To cover the latest needs of the coatings industry, we have enhanced our Formulation Additives portfolio with a novel concept of coating surface modification. It is based on fluoro-modified block copolymers that cross-link with the binder matrix.


New formulations for environmentally improved 2K PU coatings

Can you enhance the performance as well as the sustainability of clear coats and pigmented top coats?

Let’s overcome today's limits in water-based spray applications!

Looking for an outstanding combination of effectiveness and compatibility for aqueous spray coatings applications?



Switching to water-based glass coatings

In recent years, water-based coatings have gained in popularity among professionals and consumers alike as they offer a high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based products. By replacing solvents with water as a liquefying agent, these eco-friendly coatings are low odor, easy cleaning and have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Ensuring a good reactivity

Wanting a resource efficient and environmentally-friendly finish? Our latest highly reactive UV resins are specially designed to meet the major challenges of UV coatings for the Furniture and Flooring industry.

BASF focuses on “Water Education” amongst student community in India / BASF richtet Augenmerk auf “Wasser-Erziehung” in Schülergemeinschaft in Indien

Down with VOCs, up with flexibility!

Striving to comply with today’s emission limits? Our new synergistic combination, Efka® FA 4611 and Laropal® A-8L, reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in pigment concentrates. And that’s not all…


We create chemistry that lights tomorrow today

The water-based way to keep white bright

A cure for corrosion – Waterpoxy® 801


Raw materials at a high level

The water-based way to keep white bright

Sustainable paint stripping

The new edition of "Light Stabilizers for Coatings" is out


Expect more – with BASF at ECS

Discover the grinding resin Laropal® A-8L

BASF wetting agent is top for plastic substrates


Tinuvin® DW series now with improved stabilizer package

Meet the new Hydropalat® SL 3682 anti-blocking agent

BASF expands UV resins portfolio with standard epoxy acrylates


Take a look at our new Resin-Additive-Search

Efka® PX 4350: For the perfect refinish

UA 9136Scratch resistance at its best: Laromer®

Laromer® PE 9126: Innovation for flexible applications


Next-generation wetting and anti-cratering agent

Get a head start with CMR-label-free amino resins


Lower viscosity and color, better performance

Smooth surfaces for industrial floorings

Sovermol® 830 for 2K PU: New bio-based polyol Find out more


Efka® PX 4751: The next generation dispersing agent

Acronal® PRO 763: A new dispersion for cost-effective metal coatings

Available soon: New Larotact® 150 crosslinker

On the journey of innovation


Laromer® PR 9119: Powerful alternative to BPA-based resins

Visit us at the European Coatings Show!