Dispersions & Resins

acResin® - The acrylic hotmelt

Holding our daily lives together would be nearly impossible without the invisible power of adhesives. acResin® offers unique properties perfectly suited for pressure-sensitive adhesives.
The UV-curable 100 percent acrylic hotmelt features significant sustainability benefits, while providing excellent adhesive performance.

acResin® – Benefits at a glance

  • Solvent-free UV acrylic hotmelt
  • Variable adhesive power enabled by adjustable UV-crosslinking
  • Outstanding resistance to aging and heat
  • Excellent clarity for transparent films (no-label look)
  • Low fogging, VOC and odor
  • Safe for contact with food and good skin compatibility
  • Higher eco-efficiency than solvent-based alternatives
  • Wide range of adhesive properties covered by specially designed product grades
  • Efficient upscaling on our pilot coater with the support of our technical experts

Application Segments

Last Update October 19, 2022