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An ever-expanding range of requirements constantly leads to new challenges for adhesive manufacturers. Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow – with our raw materials for modern adhesives.

Sometimes we want to see them. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes they have to be flexible. But regardless of the specific properties, we always need them to be the most reliable and durable. Adhesives are the very thing that holds industrial and technological advancements together.

Today the need for environmentally conscious actions is an important change driver in consumer markets as well as in the manufacturing industry. And adhesives are no exception. We strive to reliably support our partners with high-quality adhesive raw materials – raw materials that are cleaner and more sustainable by helping to decrease CO2 emissions.

We help building things that last – with raw materials for the best adhesives we can imagine. 


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Leading manufacturer of adhesive raw materials

By continuously improving the performance of our adhesive raw materials, we open up new fields of application for our customers. Gain the competitive edge with our range of adhesive raw materials including water-based polymer dispersions, polymer resins, UV-curable systems and optimized additives.


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Adhesive raw materials for products with a reduced carbon footprint

Utilize renewable resources instead of fossil fuels in your adhesive – make your products more sustainable with adhesives that last. For a planet that will remain inhabitable.

The impending climate crisis affects every aspect of human life. This is why BASF is committed to eco-friendly innovations. Our Biomass Balance approach is enabling us to push back the boundaries of what is possible for the chemical industry: by utilizing renewable feedstock instead of fossil fuels, we can offer our clients sustainable adhesive additives and precursors – without sacrificing product performance or properties. More ways to reduce your impact on the environment include our water-based adhesive technology and innovative solutions to make your products fully recyclable or even biodegradable.


Reduce your carbon footprint


Collaboration and service – for businesses that last

No matter the challenge: we are here to support you. BASF is not only producing high-quality raw materials for thousands of applications. We are also a reliable, long-term partner to adhesive manufacturers of all sizes.

Development, application, testing, analytics or certification: our experienced team of technical and product experts provides you with the support you need, when you need it. As leading manufacturer of adhesive raw materials with an extensive network around the globe, we are often ahead of the curve – and are thus able to provide our partners with latest information about regulatory developments and trends. 


What we can do for our partners:

  • Enhancement of production processes
  • Technical consultancy & close collaboration
  • Support for formulation processes
  • Application testing
  • Regulatory support
  • Supply chain optimization

Extensive inhouse testing capabilities

Let’s make it last. Together.

Do you need more information about our products? Are you looking for a reliable, long-term partner? Would you like to put our adhesive raw materials to the test?

We will be happy to help you with all your questions regarding our services and adhesive portfolio. Use the email form below and our experts will get back to you shortly.


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