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Asphalt Performance

Material-saving, resilient, long-lasting and easy to repair - the list of requirements to be met by the roads and streets of tomorrow is long. In order to offer comprehensive solutions for the production of asphalt and bitumen, BASF combines the development and marketing activities in the EMEA region in one central hub.

Road-based freight transport across Europe will continue to increase significantly in the future, sustainability is therefore a key issue when it comes to infrastructure. This is why BASF works on new solutions to meet customer needs such as longer durability and improved maintenance as well as energy and carbon-dioxide savings. Additives for bitumen and asphalt are instrumental in making road surfaces more effective and longer lasting. There are, however, great differences between one asphalt recipe and another. What matters therefore is to focus on the development of tailor-made, local solutions to meet customer requirements.


Our Challenge

Increasing volumes of traffic and harsh climates necessitate durable, safer and more sustainable roads. 

The challenges facing the road construction industry are to reduce the time and cost of maintenance, construction delays and traffic problems, and to advance occupational safety by minimizing the impact of emissions.

Consequently, the demand for modified bitumen is high, as it provides durable roads by delivering exceptional performance at low temperatures, excellent resistance to high temperatures, low viscosity, and easy mixing properties.

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Our Mission

Based on our broad road construction portfolio, technical expertise and modern application technology laboratories we are working on new solutions and innovations to meet your needs – solutions that are longer-lasting, more resistant to deformation, more recyclable, and easy to apply.

Our asphalt modifiers are ideal for hot and cold climates, as they create longer-lasting and more efficient roads. We will be glad to support you in every possible way. Simply get in touch.

Where there’s a partner, there’s a path!

Our Asphalt Modifiers

We offer a wide range of modifiers for asphalt performance enhancement that are all designed to improve the mechanical properties of pavements. This results in greater durability, increased driving comfort, reduced road maintenance costs and less impact on the environment. 

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Our Know-How and Services

As a leading chemical company, BASF has the expertise and experience to improve the quality and processing of bitumen and asphalt in a unique, innovative and customer-oriented way. 

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Pavement preservation covers a wide range of applications to protect engineered roads and extend service life. From filling small cracks and voids to entire thin lift overlays, BASF offers polymer solutions for all types of asphalt paving applications. 

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