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Licity® – anode binders for Li-ion batteries

Why battery materials need to evolve

Electric mobility is among the most promising solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges. The key to successful electric vehicles and their mass adoption lies with the technology of lithium-ion batteries. But there is still need for technical improvement – especially, when it comes to charge capacity.

In order to pave the way for e-mobility, we need to envision distinct materials for lithium-ion batteries that help to – quite literally – drive this change. Therefore, we at BASF developed a new binder series for anodes in lithium-ion batteries.

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Key challenges for
lithium-ion batteries

  • Overall better performance
  • Availability of of raw materials
  • Sustainable materials and production

Licity® binders – designed to fit your needs

Cleaner and more efficient batteries need high performance materials. Our anode binder solutions have distinct properties to guarantee increased performance for lithium-ion cells. Licity® binders can also be customized to meet your special requirements.

Shared material properties of BASF Licity® anode binders

  • High colloidal stability
  • Superb compatibility with co-binders like CMC
  • Very good processability and coating behavior
  • Customizable Licity® binders adapt to specific customer requirements

Sustainability check

Licity® binders are designed as waterborne, carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymers with very low VOC content. Additionally, you can save CO2 with our third-party certified biomass balanced Licity® binders. This means that biomass is fed into our chemical production process and then virtually allocated to the binder. 

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Licity® – product overview

Licity® binders have been designed to overcome the limits of lithium-ion batteries. They are waterborne binders with high colloidal stability, very well compatible with cobinders like CMC. They are characterized by excellent processability and superior coating behavior. They furthermore exhibit oustanding mechanics in springback, peel and bending tests. 


Licity® 2680 series

Balanced stress-strain and elasticity

Wide application range (graphite and SiOx containing anodes)

High substrate adhesion

Licity® 2688 X

Highest tensile strength of all grades

Suitable for SiOx containing anodes

Licity® 2668 F

Highest flexibility of all grades

Very good runnability for high solids coating 

Thiol free technology, very low migrating substances

Licity® 2678 (NEW)

Polymer containing acrylic acid

Especially suitable for Si-rich and pure Si-anodes

Usable as single binder or in combination with further Licity® grades


Get in touch with our experts

We believe the name Licity® does not simply stand for a new product line. Our team is very passionate about applying its deep and profound binder knowhow to the field of battery technology. Licity® helps making Li-ion batteries more durable and powerful. And we are just getting started.


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Our team will support you with

  • detailed product information
  • product samples
  • knowledge exchange
  • inhouse-testing

How Licity® anode binder materials can help to boost your battery business



BASF’s Licity® product range for lithium-ion battery binders are suitable for pure graphite as well as silicon-containing anodes. Licity® lithium-ion battery binders help to prevent electrode swelling, thus enabling higher battery capacities. Batteries profit from our binders with increased charge cycles and reduced charging times. Licity® lithium-ion battery binders also enhance performance in low temperature environments where Li-ion batteries traditionally do not perform well. Additionally, our binders save fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with our more sustainably produced binders based on our certified Biomass Balance Approach.


“Strong and capable lithium batteries lead the way for electric mobility to reach mass adoption. With Licity® anode binders we aim to push the capabilities of Li-ion technology further – by improving key performance factors such as capacity and low temperature behavior.”  

Dr. Thorsten Habeck
Business Director – Fiber Bonding Europe, Middle East & Africa, BASF SE 

Strong Innovation Capability 

We steadily optimize the formulations of binder systems.

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Committed to sustainability along the value chain

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