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Acronal® NX 4627

Our solution for tack/bond coating


Acronal® NX 4627 is a very effective additive for bitumen emulsion seal, tack or bond coat formulations. Its use in bond (tack) coat formulations improves bonding of a new asphalt mix layer to the existing, underlaying layer. The use of Acronal® NX 4627 in these formulations can also assist in reducing vehicular “tracking” of the applied tack/bond coat just prior to the new pavement application. As a styrene acrylic resin that is stable in both anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions, it is also cement-stable.

Acronal® NX 4627 holds the bond coat in place and reduces tracking to a minimum. Results are also evident in our laboratory testing. As demonstrated above in side-by-side comparisons, bond coats modified with just 5% Acronal® NX 4627 show significant and early reduction of tracking in under 10 minutes compared to unmodified bond coats.

Acronal® NX 4627

  • Increases the flexibility in cold temperatures of applied binder
  • Increases strength in warm temperatures of applied binder
  • Reducing vehicular “tracking” of the applied tack/bond coat just prior to the new pavement application

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Acronal® NX 4627 can also be used to modify hot mix asphalt in order to meet modified binder specifications as well as to provide improvements in conventional properties such as increased softening point and decreased penetration.

Acronal® NX 4627 is used in the emulsion applications Tack/bond coats and Fog seal.

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