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Butonal® NS 175

our solution for crack sealing or slurry seals


Butonal® NS 175 is a mechanically stable latex polymer dispersion that improves the conventional properties of bitumen, e.g. higher softening point or lower penetration. In more complex rheological properties it improves stability and elasticity in the upper-use temperature range.

This product also improves the viscosity of the binder in hot mix asphalt, which consequently reduces the drain-down tendency. As a result, thicker bitumen film layers are obtained on the aggregates, which results in more stable matrix bonding and improved oxidative aging properties in the asphalt.

Butonal® NS 175

  • Improvements in conventional binder properties like increased softening point or decreased penetration
  • In more complex rheological properties, it improves more stability and elasticity at upper use temperature range.
  • Flexible at low service temperatures caused on polymer formulation with low Tg -53°C 

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Butonal® NS 175 is a latex polymer modification of anionic bitumen emulsions also for crack sealing or slurry seals.

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