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Butonal® 5126

Our solution for elasticity.

Butonal® 5126 is a mechanically stable latex polymer dispersion designed to inject directly into an asphalt mixer. It ensures improvements in binder properties, such as a higher softening point and lower penetration. In the asphalt, the viscosity is temporarily reduced by foaming the bitumen caused by the small amount of water of the dispersion. This is advantageous when mixing the asphalt.

As a result Butonal® 5126 greatly enhances hot mix and also warm mix asphalt performance, including the production of performance-graded asphalts. Modification with these elastomers widens the asphalt’s useful temperature interval to improve resistance to rutting at high temperatures. The resulting binder also displays superb resilience to improve the pavement’s fatigue behavior, while diminishing any wear-induced cracking.

Butonal® 5126

  • High asphalt quality in all weather conditions
  • Tailor-made solution for every requirement  (thanks to flexible admixture at the asphalt mixing plant)
  • Outstanding sustainable asphalt technology (-safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly)

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Butonal® 5126 is suitable for hot mix, warm mix asphalt and also for thin lift overlays.

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