Dispersions & Resins

RheoFalt® HP-AM

RheoFalt® HP-AM is 100% based on a directly polymerized natural resin that is 100% renewable. It contains no solvents, flux or vegetable oil (plasticizer-free).

RheoFalt® HP- AM ensures that aged bitumen with increased asphaltene content (polar effect of asphaltene over time) is improved. RheoFalt® HP AM does this by isolating the polar effect and not like many others by reducing the content of asphaltenes. This makes both aged bitumen 100% reusable and allows the use of bitumen, with higher asphaltene contents without disturbing the colloidal balance.


RheoFalt® HP-AM is suitable for hot mix asphalt with improved amount of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP).