Dispersions & Resins

Efka® FL 3750

Efka® FL 3750 is a flow and leveling agent that is polyacrylate-based, solvent-free, and silicone-free. It is well-suited for use in high-solid, solvent-free, and solvent-based coatings and exhibits exceptional compatibility with various resin systems. Efka® FL 3750 does not cause turbidity or haze, making it ideal for clearcoats and high-gloss pigmented coatings. Additionally, its use does not affect surface tension, resulting in consistent recoatability and intercoat adhesion.

Performance Highlights

  • Improves flow behavior and promotes leveling
  • Reduces orange peel and improves long wave of coatings
  • Eliminates or reduces cratering
  • Does not change surface tension nor influence recoatability and intercoat adhesion
  • Highly compatible - does not cause turbidity nor haze in clear coatings
  • Thermally stable